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The issues in North Compton, CA present a need for a community-based health enrichment center. The average gross income of $27,000 has labeled most schools at Title I with the striking percentage of 91% low-income students. Economic insecurity can influence food choices directly by encouraging the purchase of cheaper, energy-dense foods; in addition to, affecting other actions in life. Without an exposure to a culture of healthy living habits, these norms continue to be passed from generation to generation. 

S.U.P. aims to enhance the opportunities for the users to redirect the generational cycle of low-income students, their families, and the greater community. By creating opportunities, allowing for expression, and strengthening and guiding S.U.P. achieves their goal. 

A comparison of the adaptations in arid deserts and urban deserts directed the spatial design solution. Arid deserts require inhabitants to make use of the surrounding environment to be protected and survive from the elements. Within urban deserts and food deserts, similar adjustments need to be made for people to sustain oneself. The community can be strengthened through a sense of pride of where they are from through independent and communal experience. 

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