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This concept aims to create an exciting eyewear retail space that follows similar organizational structure and function of the strands of muscle that control the human eyeball and the dilation of the pupil.

The brand’s strategy is to sell glasses that have personality and are unique, just as each person is their own distinct individual. This store provides consumers with a pair of glasses that represents who the person is and showcases their style. Within the store, the glasses are meant to be the color and decoration that sit within a more minimalist yet powerful design.


This concept solution satisfies the need for a strong storefront that will intrigue people into the store and maintain the brand’s strategy. The architecture from the outside flows into the interior and reinforces the store’s image. The layout of the store allows for an easy flow of traffic for customers to interact with all things the brand has to offer. In addition, the lighting arranged in the space highlights the products on display. Lighting was also used in The Strand to create a sense of movement within the main frame and give light to the area.

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